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French Immersion Programs in Canada

Immersion into ecology and community

How the Gaspe Peninsula defines the people and how the people respond by protecting their land.


We at Immersion Baie-des-Chaleurs are very excited to offer a new program for outdoor education enthusiasts. If you are passionate about the environment or if you would like to broaden your environmental knowledge and are interested in meeting biologists, learning about the community efforts to protect their livelihood as well as visiting the Provincial and National Parks you will be interested in participating in our program.

The dates of the program are tentatively the first three weeks of August 2016 (1st August to the 27th of August 2016).

Details of Program:

Students are encouraged to get to know the family as this is an important part of the Gaspe Peninsula experience. The people in the region are very friendly and very proud of their heritage.

Cost: $ 1,200 per person for accommodation, meals, classes, activities.

Optional weekend trip: $ 150 includes accommodation, meals, travel expenses, visits and activities at the Forillion National Park.


  • Must be 18 years of age and over
  • Must have an intermediate level of French
  • Must be willing to speak French at all times

How to register for the program:

All interested participants must e-mail or call 418-759-3824 and ask Manjula for information. Once participants have decided to register they must send a deposit of $ 500 by personal cheque and another post dated cheque for the remaining $ 700. We will send you information about the host family you will stay with and we ask that you contact them by e-mail to introduce yourself and break the ice.

We will help you organize your travel through via rail, Orleans Express or encourage you to drive since having a car for local transportation is beneficial.

Immersion Baie-des-Chaleur is a language school that has been in operation for almost 15 years. We hire local experts, well qualified teachers who love their work, host families that enjoy the company of international participants.

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