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French Immersion Programs in Canada

Why to come to the provice of Quebec?

Learn French in Quebec Canada with Immersion BDC


Understanding Quebec culture and speaking French will open many doors in business, technology and tourism to name just a few examples.

The town of Carleton in Baie-des-Chaleurs is situated in a truly beautiful region. All the communities are along the coast between the ocean and the mountains. In the summer the tourist population increases the vitality of the region with the theatre, Le Quai des Arts, the music festival, Maximum Blues and many other cultural events.

The program in the Baie-des-Chaleurs includes a wide variety of activities in which you will be accompanied by an French speaking instructor at all times. You will be offered the chance to continually practice the language and be assisted with your verbal skills. This will accelerate your speed of learning. Transportation will be offered to all students for activities organized by the school. Student groups up to 6 students may be offered transportation by mini-van and the autonomy to choose the activities they wish to do.

Our location, directly on the ocean in Quebec

The home stay will be a very important part of the program. Students will fill out a questionnaire which will be used to choose their prospective families. The people of the Gaspe region are exceptionally friendly and are happy to meet foreigners of every nationality. Minorities are accepted very easily since francophones regard themselves also as minorities in the predominately English culture of North America.

The cost of the program is unbeatable for the value. Considering the beauty of the region, the quality of the teaching, the number of activities included and the method of transportation offered during the session, the cost is extremely economical. Please visit the section Activities to find out which activities are included in your program.

Baie-Des-Chaleurs (Google Earth view)

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